What to expect of Yoga

In Yoga  you will find a way to bring your awareness inwards, exploring physical, respiratory, mental and emotional sensations. I believe that the practice of Yoga is much more than a way to keep the body strong, flexible, healthy… it is a way of observing ourselves to get to know ourselfs better. Also to improve the way we take care of ourselves and others.

I try to catter to students whatever their level, their practice experience or their circumstances. The practice of Yoga is always adaptable to our current circumstances  and to our experience, so whether you have practiced or not, you are welcome to class and I hope to be able to share the benefits of Yoga at your own pace.

I have trained and continue to train to share the practice of Yoga the best I can in different forms or styles of the Yoga practice, but perhaps the one I put into practice the most in class is Hatha Vinyasa, a soft but at the same time dynamic style that shows us a landscape in which  breath is always  leading the movement. In class, we wil always practice Asanas (physical exercises), pranayamas (breathing practices), and different forms of meditation and Yoga Nidra (Relaxation or The Yoga of Sleep), so that, hopefully, you will feel relaxed and full of energy after each class.

Yoga is a tool for healing and personal transformation, and this entails a discipline and a commitment to the practice. We recommend practitioners to be consistent with the practice, this is a path that is not traveled in a day.

I encourage you to share the reason why you have taken an interest inYoga, that way I may find better ways to accompany you in your Yoga practice.